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There's lots of digitising ahead of us this year

Our archives policy is all about future proofing our documents, photographs and artifacts and leaving something worthwhile to the next generations of our Hamilton Boys' High School community. 

It's also about making what we have available to current and past students now. Archives are wonderful to keep and have, but it's their usefulness which determines how much value is placed upon their existence. The aim is to make them available without causing them damage and digitisation is the best way to do this.

Last year we worked with Hamilton Central Library Heritage team to ensure they have an almost complete record of our year books, as when we're closed, they're not. It's fantastic to be able to store copies of our history with them and spread the risk. But we've also gone one step further. All our Hamiltonians stretching back from 1919 and the very first edition, have now been scanned to searchable PDF. Staff and students have permanent access to those on our school intranet, but they can also be emailed to former students wishing to take a look. 

Hamilton Boys' High School 1911,Last year saw a change in location with the Archives department and Foundation office moving into the rooms vacated by the Guidance staff. It's allowed us to spread out further and create a designated storage unit for student records.

Our Archives department contains some information from as far back as the school's early days as Hamilton High School. We also hold the original admission records from 1911. Many of our photographs are also now digitised and can be emailed out where appropriate. Our staff and students have permanent access to them on the school server.

Don't forget to check out the Hamilton Boys' High Facebook page . It's the go-to place for what we're working on in Archives, latest news from the school community and Old Boys events and information.

Please note that all Priority 4 enrolment enquiries for new students must go to and not come directly to Archives.

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Above is a photo of the original Hamilton High School situated on Ward Street. It was opened in 1911.

Side is a picture of the gardens at Hamilton Boys' High School on Peachgrove Road. Our current 52 acre site was secured for use as a boys' school around 1920, but building didn't start until 1953.