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Archives History; HBHS construction of A Block 1953

Term 1


Already this year the research requests are into the tens, with people requiring replacement school photographs from way back for various reasons. Thanks to the continued digitisation and cataloguing of our artifacts, it isn't as difficult as it used to be; nobody has to get really dusty crawling around on shelves and in boxes.

We've been working with Hamilton Central Library Heritage team to ensure they have an almost complete record of our year books, as when we're closed, they're not. It's fantastic to be able to store copies of our history with them and spread the risk.

We were also delighted with a surprise parcel of old rowing photos courtesy of the Gudsell family, who dropped those in and filled in some blanks in our archives.  

Archives history; construction of Hamilton Boys' High School 1953

We are never tempted to forget how fortunate we are at Hamilton Boys' High School, to have an Archivist role, a designated room to store things and the support of the management team, something that many public institutions don't have. It's a major achievement of numerous forward thinking individuals over the decades who have stored and guarded many of our artifacts from damage or destruction. We had the pleasure of hosting two former staff members at the end of last year, Judi Ferri and Lynda McCullough who championed Archives at HBHS over the years and were delighted to see our progress.

The legacy of Hamilton High School began 105 years ago this year and even before that, with Hamilton West District High School which met in such random places as beneath the Town Hall, enduring the noise of the river bridge construction outside. Ours is a rich history of photographs and documents which span the early years of Hamilton as a garrison town to its present day sprawling status as a city. Thousands upon thousands of young men have passed through this establishment, from its position on Ward Street as Hamilton High School until 1954, to its Peachgrove Road presence. Hamilton Boys' High School has been crafting young men as a single sex school since 1955 and turning out champions and men of courage, as can be seen in our Hall of Fame.

Our Archives department has the school's admission records from 1911 if genealogy is your thing. These aren't able to be copied for public viewing but we can often fill in the gaps for families compiling timelines for the lives of relatives. Confidentiality legislation will apply to some records, so a permission signature from the ex student is required where possible. 

Old Boys can go to the Search page on our website and obtain a login to update their details to stay in touch or contact old friends.

Don't forget to check out the Hamilton Boys' High Facebook page . It's the go-to place for what we're working on in Archives, latest news from the school community and Old Boys events and information.

Please note that all Priority 4 enrolment enquiries must go to and not come directly to Archives.

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Archives; aerial view of Hamilton Boys' High School 1959


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