Welcome to 2017 Old Boys'!

The Old Boys' database is continuing to be a work in progress and will be increasingly successful if you let us know what you prefer to see on the page and if you keep us up to date with your address changes or any alteration to email addresses, you can do all of that on the search for Old Boys' page.

HBHS on its current site was 60 years old in 2015. To celebrate, there were a series of smaller reunions and many joined in to catch up with school mates. This year we are settling in to some wonderful new events and look forward to sharing their success with you. Check out the events page to see what's coming soon.

Reunions and Old Boys' Events

In 2016 we introduced the "10 years on" event. We  welcomed leavers from the 2005 and 2006 year groups in events held in April and November. The plan is to host a "10 years on" event every year to keep in touch with some of those newer Old Boys' as their lives and careers are in the early stages.

We are often asked about running reunions for particular groups of Old Boys. It is our belief that reunions driven largely by Old Boys' themselves and the most successful and we are very happy to help if you need support.

For any event queries contact Ali Mallett at email: