Academic Support

The High Achiever Study Guide is a study skills booklet with real and proven strategies to improve student performance. It covers the following key areas and is a vital tool for examination study:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Knowing What to Study
  3. Creating a Study Plan
  4. Creating an Optimum Study Environment
  5. Brain Food - Eating Habits and Study
  6. Learning to Learn
  7. Exam Day Tips

The booklet can be viewed/printed by clicking on the link below.

Study Skills Booklet


For enquiries about this booklet, or for any help or advice regarding academic achievement, please contact our Junior and Senior Academic Mentors. These are staff members who can offer one-on-one support for students needing help managing their academic commitments at HBHS. Students can be referred by staff members or are able to make an appointment in order to help keep their studies on track. The Academic Mentors are:

Mr Jeremy Quigley Middle School (Year 11) Academic Mentor Tel: (07) 853 0440 ext 2069 Email:
Mr Andy Thomson Senior School (Year 12 – 13) Academic Mentor Tel: (07) 853 0440 ext 2068 Email:
Ms Rosy Ellis (on maternity leave) Year 9 Academic Mentor Tel: (07) 853 0440 ext 2069 Email: