Faculty Structure

At HBHS every major subject falls within an academic faculty. Each faculty is responsible for curriculum delivery, effective teaching practices and the resources required for its students. There are seven faculties, each with its own Head of Faculty (HOF). Each subject has a Teacher with Curriculum Responsibility (TCR)

Mrs S Weston Head of Faculty, TCR Senior Externally Assessed Standards & Cambridge
Ms B Dobbyn TCR Mainstream Year 9 & 10
Mrs M Cooley TCR Year 9 - 11 Supported Learning Classes
Ms W Moffitt Media Studies

Social Sciences
Mrs D Weren Head of Faculty, TCR Economics 
Mrs S Shephard Assistant Head of Faculty, TCR Geography
Ms P Grace TCR History
Mrs M Varma TCR Accounting, TCR Business Studies
Mr F Kilgour TCR Classics
Mrs J Wallace TCR Legal Studies
Mrs C Oliver TCR Tourism
Mr A Thomson TCR Year 9 Social Studies
Mrs N Ashby TCR Year 10 Social Studies

Health & Physical Well-Being
Mr S Smith Head of Faculty, TCR Sen Physical Ed
  Assistant Head of Faculty
Mr L Asplin TCR Outdoor Ed
Mr V Johnson TCR Jun Physical Ed, TCR Health
Mr A Ellis TCR Sports Studies
Mr A Hay TCR Well Being & Recreation

Mr S Devitt Head of Faculty 
Mr L Spicer TCR Graphics, TCR Metal
Mr J Steel TCR Carpentry, TCR Wood
Mrs C Stoner TCR Food Technology
Mr J Hepburn TCR Information Technology
Mr C Thompson Head of Faculty, TCR 12 Cambridge, TCR 13 MC
Mr G Nolan Assistant Head of Faculty, TCR 12MXA, 12MXB
Mr B Killian Numeracy & At-risk Students, TCR 11MX, TCR 11MXU,TCR 12MXQ
Mr A Garcia-Gil ALP Pathways, TCR 11 Cambridge, TCR 13MS & 13MX
Mr C Cloete Alternate Pathways, TCR Yr 9 & 10 Alternate Programmes, TCR 11MXP & 12MXP
Mr H Bertlelink Teaching & Learning, TCR Yr 9 & 10

Mr A Tucker Head of Faculty, TCR Biology
Ms I Basi TCR Chemistry
Mrs L Rae TCR Physics, TCR Electronics
Dr S Charteris TCR Yr 9 Science
Mrs M Young TCR Yr 10 Science
Mr P McFetridge TCR Sen Science
Mr G Bennett TCR Applied Science

Language, Arts & Music
TBC Head of Faculty
Miss A Evemy, Mr J Abbott TCR Music
Ms J Hudson TCR Art
Mr Q West TCR Film & TV
Mr M Matthews TCR Spanish
Ms W Cameron TCR ESOL
Whaea M Barton TCR Te Reo Maori
Mrs L Zhou TCR Chinese