Coronavirus update

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

We continue to deal with the daily challenges of uncertainty and concern which Coronavirus brings, as we work together to continue to provide education to our students, and to ensure that our staff and students remain well, physically and emotionally.

A safe learning environment is always our priority.  You will have received, today, a summary of the measures we have implemented to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on our community.  These decisions have not been taken lightly, as they impact on important parts of our school culture; our commitment to the well-being of all is central to all decisions through this difficult time.  Please read through the summary of postponements and cancellations carefully.

I know that you have concerns for your son, and this may lead to concerns about his continuing attendance.  I can reassure you that no student or staff member here has tested positive, so please keep sending your son to school, as schools continue to be the best place for students to continue their learning.

If students are unwell, irrespective of a link to COVID-19, they should remain at home, to ensure a safe environment at school.

Our increased emphasis on hygiene and best practices in avoiding illness is also critical for the continued health of our young men; please continue to discuss the importance of the significance of hygiene practices with your son.

The situation is changing daily; rest assured that we will communicate with you whenever anything changes.  There are many rumours currently circulating throughout New Zealand at present, so it is important to take note only of official announcements, through the Ministries of Health and Education.

We appreciate your continuing support of the school, and value your involvement in our wider community.  The staff and senior leadership team are working very hard to ensure we maintain our calm, positive world, while preparing for any future possibility.

Susan Hassall