Correct Procedure for unwell students during school hours at HBHS

Dear Parents/Caregivers

We are having an issue with some students about our procedures when they are not feeling well. 

Students need to go to the Wellness Centre and be assessed by our nursing staff.  Home will be contacted if they need to be collected due to their ill-health. 

We are finding that a number of students are texting or calling their parents to come and collect them from school.  We would appreciate your support in letting your sons’ know the correct procedure please, especially for health and safety reasons.

If you wish to take your son out of school for an appointment or to leave early, you must send your son with a note or notify the Dean's office first thing in the morning. Otherwise, he will not be released from class. (Pg.132 School Diary Under Regulations)

Kind regards
Greg Kirkham
Deputy Headmaster