HBHS Athletics Sports

Dear Parents/Caregivers

With the current red traffic light settings we are unable to hold our normal HBHS Athletics Sports Day at Porritt Stadium, but instead will hold a Championship only Athletics Sports Day at HBHS on Wednesday 2 March. This event will challenge our elite athletes and provide them an opportunity to earn points for their ‘House’ in a strongly contested House Competition. Unfortunately, we are unable to invite any spectators to attend this event on the school grounds. 

To qualify for the Championship Only Athletics Sports Day the students will need to qualify in the top 8 in the Prelim events that have been running at lunchtime throughout this week. The students will be notified if they have qualified for a Championship event on Tuesday, 1st March at the House Meetings and will need to follow the below guidelines for the day. All other students will attend their classes as a normal school day starting at 8:45am.

Information for students who qualify for the Championship only Athletics Sports Day at HBHS on Wednesday, 2 March

8:30am - Meet under the trees near the 400m track, wearing either your full school uniform, PE uniform or House t shirt and black shorts

8:45am - Athletic Events start - competitors must be wearing HBHS PE Uniform or House T Shirts to compete (House leaders will have House singlets available for use on the day)

1:15pm approx - Athletic Events finished

1:30pm - shower and swim in the HBHS pool and change into full school uniform

2:15pm - attend P5 class as normal in full school uniform

3:15pm - leave for home as normal

As this is the first time we have run the Athletics event at HBHS in many years we are unsure of how well things will run, but we are keen to make it a great experience for our competitors. To better enable this to happen we provide the following guidelines for the athletes:

    1. Food and water - please bring enough of your own food and water that will last through to the end of the event. We do not want competitors heading to the school canteen when they need to be competing.
    2. Sun protection and warmth - Please bring your own sunblock and clothing that will keep you safe, cool/warm for the whole event. We will be relying on the shade from the trees when you are not competing. If the weather is poor, please check the school website, facebook page, instagram or your email at 7:00am for a cancellation notice. If cancelled, the boys will be expected to attend school as normal.
    3. Health and Safety - If you are required to isolate at home, or you feel sick on the day, we request you remain away from the event/school for the benefit and safety of everyone else involved.

Yours sincerely
Mr Todd Miller
TIC Athletic Sports Day