HBHS Headmaster's Message Friday 17 April

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Thank you for your support in our beginning of term two. It has been unique and strange, without precedent in my many years of involvement in education.

However, the staff are to be commended once again for the commitment and dedication shown in both preparation, and delivery in this new world. And so are the young men, who are managing the challenges of learning online with confidence and a most positive approach. 

We are indebted to you all, for your continuing care and for all that you are contributing to our success as a school during this time. It will never be perfect, and all we ask is that each young man does his best.

No doubt, you will have heard through the media, that the move back to Level 3 will bring changes in schools for students up to Year 10. The details of exactly what this will mean have yet to be shared with me, so at this point any comment I make will be pure speculation. 

The senior staff meet regularly through Zoom, and we will be having a meeting on Tuesday to develop a plan for Hamilton Boys’ over the coming weeks. This we will share with you as quickly as possible.

Until then, I wish you a relaxing weekend with your sons, and remind you that if we can do anything to help, please stay in touch.

Warmest regards