HBHS Headmaster's Message Monday 1 March

Dear parents,

After what feels like a very brief reprieve, we have moved back to Alert Level 2, disappointed that we face further restrictions, but grateful that we are able to continue in our usual routines. 

We have continued our focus on good hygiene practice, moving back to the higher alert level with all strategies firmly in place. I do remind you that it is so important to keep your son at home if he displays any flu-like symptoms.

At present, we are making all decisions about events and activities with the wellbeing of our students and staff our most significant priority. We feel fortunate that we were able to celebrate the talent of our athletes, and enjoy the spectacle of the special day together, at our Athletics Sports day last week. Thank you to all parents who attended what is, for us, a special event on our calendar.

This week, we are complying with Ministry advice, and holding Swimming Sports as a spectator free event. I have no doubt that we will post images on our Facebook and Instagram pages for you to see the day in action, though! 

We are moving rapidly towards the halfway point of the term, an important time in your sons’ learning journey through the year. Our academic focus at this time is critical, as we maintain the momentum we have established over the first four weeks of the year. Please encourage your son to establish regular homework routines; we value your continuing support in this.

The impact of COVID on each of us is varied; yet for us all, we are faced with a continued sense of facing the unknown. Maintaining a regular, positive approach to each day is the best way in which we, as a community, are able to support our young men, in these difficult times. Thank you for all that you do to enable us to continue to maintain a safe, happy world together.

I wish all families well over the days ahead, as we face this latest setback as the family of Hamilton Boys’ High School.

Warm regards
Susan Hassall