HBHS Headmaster's Message Monday 15 February

Dear Parents and caregivers

The news last evening that we were moving to Alert Level 2, for at least the next three days, was disappointing and unnerving.

However, we are fortunate that we began the year, as a school community, focussed not only on settling quickly into normal routines, but also with the intention of ensuring that we are also ready for any return to higher Alert Levels. 

Thus, we begin the week, prepared and ready to implement processes which are proactive in creating the safest possible environment for our school family.

I write this morning to reassure you that we have moved quickly in restoring the Alert Level 2 protocols which we had in place in 2020. As we implement these, I appreciate your support in ensuring that we are able to maintain a world of ‘business as usual’, as much as possible, while also recognising our shared responsibility, to maintain a heightened awareness of the risks we face.

Meetings with parents which were scheduled for tonight and tomorrow night, have, unfortunately, had to be postponed. Thus, there will be no Parents’ Association meeting to meet new parents this evening. 

Nor will we be able to host the Whanau Barbeque for new Maori students and their whanau tomorrow night.

We will not hold any Assemblies over the next three days, which is disappointing for our Scholarship winners who were due to be recognised for their outstanding achievements on Wednesday.

In school, we have established the use of hand sanitiser by all students at the end of each lesson. We always have supplies of tissues available to students, and we will remind them of the need for care if they cough or sneeze. 

Please keep your son at home, if he is unwell with any symptoms of a cold or the flu. 

It is a difficult time for us all; we must step back from our own immediate concerns and work together to ensure that, as a school, we are doing everything we can to support each other in avoiding the spread of a more pernicious strain of COVID.

At our Staff meeting this morning, we spoke of our focus, to keep our school safe, by being proactive in maintaining good hygiene, and in sending any symptomatic student home. We are grateful that we have your support in this. We hope that this will be a short, effective few days, and that we will return to normal as quickly as possible.

For further information around Alert Level 2, please go to the Ministry of Health Website https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-system/alert-level-2/ 

Warm regards and best wishes
Susan Hassall