HBHS Headmaster's Message Thursday, 10 February 2022

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Thank you for your support in ensuring that our second week has been settled and positive. It has been a start to the school year with some added challenges, but our young men are happy and enthusiastic, and I am proud of the way in which they have recognised the importance of our COVID related protocols.

I write to inform you of a few changes and announcements of the past few days.

Changes to COVID restrictions. 

Late yesterday afternoon I received an email from the Ministry of Education, explaining a modification to current practice. I have copied the relevant paragraph below. Essentially, the change means that if a member of a household is categorised as a close contact, the other members of the household no longer have to be isolated and tested. They can continue normal life, unless the close contact has contracted COVID, in which case all of the household become close contacts.

This will make a difference to our students, reducing the number who have to stay home, which is a positive outcome of the change.

From the local Ministry office:

Household members of Close Contacts

We have just been informed of a policy change around household members of Close Contacts. Previously, people that live with a Close Contact have had to isolate until the Close Contact returned a negative 5 Day test. We have been informed by both our National Office and the Waikato DHB that this will no longer be required in our region and that household members do not need to isolate and can continue working, attending school etc. This change is effective immediately so if you have families that have been affected by this you should notify them straight away. Please note, this only applies to those who live with a Close Contact, people who live with a Confirmed Case are Close Contacts themselves and will need to isolate and be tested.”

Congratulations to our Senior leaders.

I offer our warmest congratulations to our Senior Leadership team, which was announced yesterday.

They are:

Head Prefect: Cayden Buitendach

Deputy Head Prefect: Mitchell Keightley

Deputy Head Prefect: Hohaia Keogh

Deputy Head Prefect: Levi Pruden

Captain of Sport: Payton Spencer

Captain of Arts: Natthanael Lavasi’i

I look forward to working with them, and with our very special group of Prefects over the year ahead. 

Modification of our calendar.

As we move through the weeks ahead, we will continue to recognise the restrictions placed upon us by COVID and the red light setting. Any changes to our calendar will be notified as we make decisions. I remind you that at this point, we have only modified the first four weeks of term, as we must wait to see how events unfold, before making final decisions.

Please do continue to keep in touch if you have any concerns or requests. I do appreciate your contact.

Ngaa mihi nui

Susan Hassall