HBHS Headmaster's Message Thursday 9 April 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I hope that you have had the opportunity to enjoy some special time with your sons during their holiday break, in spite of the challenging experiences we are sharing.

The need for an immediate lock down brought its own difficulties for us all, but we have been strengthened through this abrupt change, by the very positive response of our young men, and through your very real support.

As we prepare for the beginning of Term Two next Wednesday, I wish to take this opportunity to thank our teachers and support staff, who have worked very hard to ensure that our students can begin their distance learning classes with the confidence that lessons will enable them to make progress in their subjects. 

While this can never be as effective as face to face teaching, every effort is being made to ensure that genuine learning can continue. To ensure that this can occur, I ask for your commitment, in insisting that your son is fully involved, as much as is possible.

We hope very much that the current situation lasts only for a short time, and that we are able to move towards a sense of greater normalcy. But at the same time, we must begin the term, together, with a shared determination to make every day matter, for the wonderful young men in our world. 

I will send regular updates next week, as the situation becomes clearer, and we can make provision for the weeks ahead, whatever they may bring. Until then, I wish each young man, and each family, a very happy Easter. Basil Hume stated, simply, that “The great gift of Easter is hope”, and it is with hope that we celebrate Easter, and we start the new term together.

I finish with the words of the wonderful country and western singer, John Prine, who died yesterday, of Covid-19. The final words of his song, “All the best”, are so appropriate as we spend Easter with our families, and as we begin the term together.

I wish you love
I wish you happiness
I wish you love
I wish you happiness
I guess I wish you
All the best

With my warmest regards and very best wishes to you all
Susan Hassall