HBHS Headmaster's Message Wednesday 22 April

Kia Ora tatou

As we move towards the end of our time in Level 4 lockdown, I hope that you and your family are well, and that you have navigated positively through this experience together. We can share both a genuine sense of gratitude that New Zealand has reached this point with the comparatively low level of impact of the Covid-19 virus, and also the commitment to ensuring that this situation continues.

For us all, as a school community, it has been a time of working together to support the country in this critical goal of minimising the impact of Covid-19, while ensuring that the boys in our care are able to continue to move forward in their education.

We recognise that this movement forward has not been as thorough, or complete, as it would be in our normal world of school, but we have appreciated, very much, your support and efforts in making this time as useful as possible.

The move to Level 3 next Tuesday will bring new challenges, as many of you return to work, while still supporting your sons in their academic endeavours.

We now have confirmation that all students will continue to learn online until the situation is reviewed on May 11. For students in Years 11-13, learning will continue to be based at home for all; for Years 9 and 10, although a small group will return to school, all learning will continue to be online, whether the student is at school or at home, until almost the mid point of the term.

With this continuation, we appreciate your continuing support for us, in our endeavours to ensure that all students remain engaged in learning. Staff will return to school next Tuesday for a Staff Only day, which provides us with the wonderful opportunity to review curriculum progress, and share good practice in the online teaching environment. 

Please discuss your son’s progress with him daily, and please do not hesitate to contact his tutor teacher, dean or other relevant staff member, if you have any concerns.

I recognise that you are juggling many balls in the air at present, and I understand the complexity of the situation for many of you. Thus our appreciation for what you are doing to support us is very sincere. Thank you.

Do keep in touch; if you have a son in Year 9 or 10, and have not yet completed the survey about the necessity for him returning to school, please do so as quickly as possible. The link for this survey was sent to you in an email yesterday. Thank you for the over 600 responses to date. Our focus now, is to ensure the safety of staff and of those students who return, and accurate information is critical.

We will be in contact over the next few days, with those families whose Yr 9 & 10 sons are returning to school next Wednesday, to provide details of how the programme will work. 

For everyone, I wish you well through the move to Level 3, and the changes and opportunities the move will bring.

As we take time this weekend to remember those who sacrificed their lives for us in War, I ask you to reflect on the words of Bob Carr, who said, of Anzac Day,

“This is a day not of celebration, but of national memory. It is a day for looking after those you love, for cherishing your home, your neighbourhood, and your family. It’s a day for realising how rare is this wonderful country of ours, and how very precious it is to us all”

Advice which must resonate with us through these difficult times, as we remember those who have died for us in our past, and as we commit to ensuring that the future is a safe and wonderful one for us all. We are blessed by the special young men of Hamilton Boys’ High School, and fortunate to have your contributions to this precious world we share.