HBHS Headmaster's message Wednesday 29 April

Kia ora tatou

This morning we welcomed a group of Year 9 and 10 students back into the school. These young men will be continuing their online learning in one of 4 supervised 'bubbles' each with fewer than 10 students, and will remain isolated from the other class bubbles around the school. I wish to thank you all for ensuring that we were able to work with accurate information relating to our Year 9 and 10 students’ intentions during Level 3.

The move to Level 3 means that we now have some staff on site each day, and that many of our families will have people returning to work. I wish you well, as we all adjust to these changes, and as we begin to prepare for Level 2, and the possibility of the school returning to on site learning.

However, although we have changed Alert Levels, we have not changed our focus on ensuring that each student continues to maintain his focus on learning. Our staff, both teaching and non-teaching, have been working very hard through these difficult times, to support you and your sons. We ask that you support us by ensuring that your sons do maintain the routines of a normal school week, but also support your son by letting us know if he feels overwhelmed or is struggling in any way. We appreciate feedback from parents, as most issues can be resolved quickly through an email. All we ask is that each student does his very best, and that he can return to school, confident that he has done so.

As a country, we have also not changed our expectations around social distancing, and about maintaining our family bubbles. Our protocols at school are very clear, and will be adhered to strictly throughout Level 3. I ask that you also maintain these expectations with your son, by not allowing him to see, or visit, friends, during this time. In practice, we should think of Level 3, as Level 4 with exceptions, rather than a full relaxation of expectations. 

Before we went in to lock down, I spoke to the school about thinking first, not of their own health, but of the health of those they love, who may be older or have compromising health issues, and this remains equally important over the next few weeks. Before we make any decisions around our actions, think of the impact on the person in our lives who is most at risk, and make a short term sacrifice for that person. 

The Dalai Lama stated that 
"The best form of sacrifice is done with no thought or expectation of reward, and grounded only in genuine concern and love for others".

As we continue to share the reality of these difficult times, these are words by which we must all live, in every way, and in all circumstances. Thank you for your support of the school, and for your understanding of these words - we cherish it very much. I look forward to greeting you back at school, and, we hope, on the sidelines of a winter sports programme, which will mean that we have been able to put the worst of the Pandemic behind us.

My very best wishes for the days ahead.