HBHS Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing at Hamilton Boys' High School 2022

The 2022 season is about to kick off and we have a number of new students wanting to put their hand up and be part of HBHS rock climbing in 2022.

Rock climbing will be starting on the 7th March. The school has a small bouldering wall which will be open on Monday and Fridays at lunchtime.

On Thursdays (starting on the 10th March) we will be meeting at Extreme Edge to climb as a school until 4:30pm. Normal entrance fees apply when meeting at Extreme Edge, so buying a pass from Extreme Edge would work out cheaper.

Prices can be viewed here:


You can rent gear from the school which will work out much cheaper.

Please complete this form if you are wanting to join rock climbing or/and rent any gear. You must join HBHS rock climbing before you can rent the gear.

Remember you will still need to pay at the door for entry to the wall at Extreme Edge (Prices are on their website).

Please note all participants who register and wish to compete in WSS and NZSS Rock Climbing will require a Covid Vaccine pass if they are to be considered for team selection. In addition, Extreme Edge requires all climbers to have a Covid Vaccine Pass to enter the venue. By registering your son, you are confirming that you understand these requirements.

To sign up please click here

Please email me if you have any further questions.

Phil Basel
Teacher in Charge of Rock Climbing