HBHS Swimming Sports

Swimming Sports, HBHS Pool

Wednesday, 3rd March

Y11 - Y13 - 9:00am-12:00pm

Y9 - Y10 - 12:45pm-3:15pm


Dear Parents/Caregivers

We invite all parents/caregivers to attend our annual Swimming Sports day at the School Pool on Wednesday the 3rd of March.

Registration:  All students are to report to their tutor group teacher in their Tutor room at 8.45am. The first events for the Senior students commence at 9.15am. 

Uniform: School uniform is to be worn to and from school. House coloured or PE Shirt can be worn around the pool area (please no paint or tinsel). Students will go home in school uniform.

Attendance: Is expected, but it also offers all boys the opportunity to compete at a level that challenges them personally, and also earn points for their ‘House’ in a strongly contested House Competition. It is also a day to identify our elite athletes and for students of all abilities to compete in non-championship events.

Weather: Please ensure your son has protection from the sun in the form of sunblock, a hat, sunglasses and clothing to cover up. Also bring a rain jacket in case of rain.

Food: The canteen will be operating as normal at lunchtime. Senior students will not be able to access the canteen during interval as they will still be involved in their swimming sports. However, canteen staff will operate a smaller canteen facility in the pool complex.

Postponement: Please do not just assume it has been called off. Another message will be sent out via school links at 7:30am on Wednesday, 3rd of March if we decide to shift it to another day.

Preliminaries: To make the finals of the Swimming Sports, ALL athletes MUST attend the swimming preliminaries held on Monday, 1st March. Interval: Open  Butterfly and Medley, Period 3: Junior Competitors (U14), Period 4: Intermediate Competitors (U16), Period 5: Senior competitors (U19). Serious competitors only, no recreational swimmers.

Yours sincerely
Mr J. Quigley
TIC Swimming Sports