Movember at HBHS

Dear HBHS Whanau
We would love you to support Movember with us so we can endeavour to raise the most money for a secondary school in New Zealand.
Last Year HBHS raised $9000 for the Movember foundation, which focuses on three major men's health issues. The goals of the Movember Foundation are to reduce the rate of male suicide by 25% and to halve the number of men dying and suffering ongoing side effects of Prostate and Testicular cancer by 2030. "Man Enough", a new television show developed and presented by Matt Chisholm is sponsored by the Movember Foundation. It looks into the psyche of the New Zealand Male and what many in this country are doing to help men's mental health. 
My name is Mr Cooley (PE and Science Teacher) and (unofficial) Teacher in Charge of Movember. In 2018, I raised the most money in New Zealand for Movember. 2018 was also, however, when I had my own battle with depression. On our team is Mr Popping (OE & PE Teacher) who finished 3rd place as an individual in Movember in 2019 and ran the New York Marathon to raise awareness.
Our goal this year is to maintain a strong position for Movember - but we need your help. We would love as many Old Boys as possible to join our team - please note only Old Boys can grow moustaches!
Joining our HBHS Movember team is a way to stay connected, raise awareness and start the conversation. It is also a way to continue the strong brotherhood that is formed by attending HBHS. To donate, you can sponsor someone else (a teacher) or set up your own Movember account and join our team. 
Team - Cooley, Foy, Thomson, Scott, Shah, Knights, Abbott and Hallett
Join or sponsor our Team -
It's been an unusual year with Covid, but you only have to look at the news to realise how lucky we are to live where we do. However, our Mental Health statistics in New Zealand are not improving. I highly recommend all families watch "Man Enough" on TV1 On Demand.
Please be "Man Enough" to ask for help if you need it. A problem shared is a problem halved...
Brendon Cooley