Movember at HBHS

Dear Parents/Caregivers
We care about the Wellbeing of all Men & Boys at Hamilton Boys' High School. Our staff support this great cause towards lowering male suicide rates and halving the deaths of men from prostate and testicular cancer.

In 2018, our very own Mr Brendon Cooley won the National Title for leading fundraiser for the Movember Foundation, after a very tough year battling depression himself. 

Brendon shared his story and family, friends, colleagues, and people he didn't know, got behind him and were grateful he shared his story.

"2020 Movember I decided I wanted to be part of a team with the hope of starting more conversations. For my father, brother, sons, students, and friends, I want them to know I care about their wellbeing. We have started a Movember team, "LADS OF HBHS" which is for anyone who has a link to HBHS. I have a goal to get on the leaderboard and with a little promotion, we are currently 5th in NZ with $7300 being donated so far. This is largely due to having former old boy Daniel Popping, who ran the New York Marathon for the Movember foundation."

We are asking the HBHS Whanau to get behind us, support your teacher or the group. We are also asking old boys to join up.

The Old Boys team is - Daniel Popping, Aaron Scott, James Fellows-Ford, Shaun Steiner
Teaching Staff - Fraser Kilgour, Phil Basel, Nigel Harris (Grounds Manager), Aaron Kearney, Brendon Cooley, Andy Thomson, Simon Devitt, Ben Allen, Cameron Moorby, Simon Foy, Jeremy Cronin, Nigel Hunter and Gavin Lannam
Please follow this link to meet the "LADS" or make a donation
There is a collection box in the school shop for students who wish to donate.
We thank you for your support.