Mufti Day Thursday & Gumboot Friday

Dear Parents/Caregivers

This week we have two opportunities to support worthwhile causes.

As part of his "I am Hope" Charity, Mike King is hoping to raise money through Gumboot Friday to provide free counselling for young New Zealanders battling mental health issues.

Here at Hamilton Boys' High School, we have a "Chapters Program" for senior students wishing to be part of promoting mental health in the school. We also have a very passionate group of teachers involved, who are in full support of this cause.

This Friday, if students wish to wear gumboots with their school uniform they are welcome to do so. If they do, we ask each boy to give a gold coin.

If students do not wear gumboots, they can still donate a gold coin to this cause if they wish to.

As a school we encourage students to donate, but it is optional.

All money donated goes straight into the "Gumboot up New Zealand" account.


The second opportunity this week is Mufti Day this Thursday, 4 April.

If students wish to wear mufti, we ask them to please bring $2.00.

All funds raised go to Diabetes Youth.

Thank you
HBHS Senior Management