Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students

Hillcrest Physiotherapy is continuing to provide physiotherapy services to students and staff at Hamilton Boy’s High School (We normally run a clinic in school during term times).

We are doing this via telehealth (a secure video link).  Although we are unable to provide face to face physiotherapy services, for a large proportion of the types of injuries we see in the students, we are able to effectively manage them via video.  Treatment will still consist of a verbal history, seeing how you can move the injured part via video and then education and advice, along with exercises.  This type of approach has been shown in numerous studies to be extremely effective, and education and exercise have always formed the main part of any of our physiotherapy sessions.  If necessary we can still arrange for urgent x-rays and scans as well, (however if non- urgent we will be waiting for lockdown to lift for these). 

If your son has an injury, now is a great time to get it sorted, before sport hopefully resumes.

Just a note, even at Level 3, we will be unable to offer face to face treatments. 

Appointments can be made by emailing: or phone 07 856 4656.