Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Hamilton Boys' High School 2020
The 2020 season is about to kick off and we have a number of new students wanting to put their hand up and be part of HBHS rock climbing in 2020.

At the end of 2018, our wall at HBHS was tested and unfortunately, it failed safety regulations. We are now finalising the quotes to build a bouldering wall, and waiting for final MOE approval. The plan is to have the bouldering wall up and running for term 2.

We will be climbing on Thursdays after school at Extreme Edge (Greenwood Street). Our first climbing day will be on the 5th of March.

Our fee structure has changed to cover the costs of replacing the gear and helping towards the new bouldering wall.

HBHS students can opt into any of the following.
(The fees are for the entire year.)

Harness hire $20
Shoe hire (old pair) $10
Shoe hire (new pair) $40
Use of chalk at all training $5
Transport to Extreme Edge $30
Use of the new bouldering wall $20

Remember these are a one-off fee for the whole year, even if you only climb a few times. These fees will be added to your account if indicated on the form below.

There is an entry fee to Extreme Edge. You can click on the link below and decide which one you would like to pay. If you are just wanting to do rock climbing for a term then the 10 pass concession would be best.

Please email me if you have any further questions.

Kind regards
Phil Basel