SATs - School Aptitude Tests at Hamilton Boys' High School

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Hamilton Boys' High School is a New Zealand centre offering students from Waikato and Bay of Plenty, the opportunity to sit SATs (Scholastic Aptitude Test).
Results from this test can be used to gain entry into USA Universities. In addition, it can sometimes be used to improve fluency in English. 
HBHS is offering the test 5 times in 2021. If your son is interested in attending tutorials in preparation for the SAT's in 2021, could you please complete this online form. 
Tutorials are due to begin on the 29th March. Spaces are limited to 10 students.
The cost of these tutorials is $300. This includes 10 ninety-minute sessions on Monday nights in E6 at Hamilton Boys' High School.
Please can you complete the following form if you want to take part in these tutorials -

More information about the SAT's can be found here

Kind regards
Phil Basel
SAT Coordinator