We hold a collection of memorabilia, historic photographs, and admissions records, relating to Hamilton Boys’ High School and its history, dating back to 1903.

Items held come from a variety of sources, Old Boys’ memorabilia, school and personal photographic collections, Board of Trustees records, some academic records and student testimonials.

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The Archives department are situated on the Hamilton Boys’ High School Campus, Peachgrove Road, Hamilton.

Hamiltonian 1912

‘The most important event of the year, an event which, I venture to predict, will prove most far reaching in its effect, has been the acquisition by the Board of the fine property extending from the old school boundary to the Frankton Hill. There are now great possibilities awaiting the school. These new grounds are a magnificent asset, for they provide the additional playing fields urgently needed, and they permit of the natural development of the school into a residential college. Should monetary assistance be forthcoming the Board will, in the near future erect fine residential quarters for country scholars. The grounds will be still further planted in beautiful trees and shrubs, avenues and gardens made, and an “oval” laid down in the hollow where our boys will meet in play and win honours for their school in friendly battle with visiting teams from other secondary schools.

The main building is an imposing structure in brick, containing six classrooms fitted up on modern lines with every comfort and convenience. One of the largest rooms has been specially constructed as a laboratory for practical work in Chemistry, Physics, Botany, and Agriculture. It is now fully equipped and is one of the finest school laboratories in the Dominion. To the rear of the main building are commodious shelter rooms and the school workshop. The school grounds embrace over fifteen acres. They have recently been laid out and planted in shrubs and ornamental trees, one portion of the area being reserved for practical work in Gardening and Agricultural Training.’

Eben Wilson


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