The Foundation Grants Program

Giving back feels great!

A major motivator for the HBHS Foundation Trust is having the opportunity to contribute funds back into the school via our bi-annual grants program and this year that program went into full swing. The Grants are contestable and available to all staff for any venture or resource that will have a positive impact on the boys of HBHS.

The Foundation is delighted to have provided the following Grants this year:

  • An outdoor Basketball hoop available for all the boys for recreation
  • A 6 x 3 m Marquee for the Rowing department
  • A hovercam for use by the English department and two class sets of calculators for maths
  • A plankton testing kit to be used on science field trips, a Go Pro for Outdoor Education and climbing equipment for the rock climbing club.

Your donations, which go to growing the endowment fund and creating income, are what contributes to the Grants Program and the Scholarship offered by the Foundation Trust. Giving counts.

Two Ways to Donate

The HBHS Foundation is dedicated to creating a prosperous and forward thinking culture within the Old Boys' network association with the school. Your donation, regardless of value, is greatly appreciated and demonstrates the passion we share to keep HBHS achieving great heights in all fields of endeavour.

We know that we're all at different places in our life and we need to have different ways to contribute. Joining the growing group of Old Boys' who donate $10 per month by direct credit is a really simple way to jump aboard and given that its the price of a couple of coffee's a month you'll hardly notice.
  • Join the 20/12 club with a regular $20 per month donation click HERE
  • One off donations, click HERE

Following receipt of your donation we will provide you with a receipt and your name will be entered onto the donor register. 

If you would like to make a donation to the HBHS Foundation but have some questions you wish to have answered first please contact Ali Mallett on or 07 853 0440 extension 2408.

Thank you for your support of HBHS Foundation Old Boys'