Mentoring and Research on Gifted and Talented Students

In 2016, I approached Mrs Hassall about my desire to begin a longitudinal study about what societal, family, educational, and intrapersonal factors help or hinder student achievement.  I submitted a research proposal which Mrs Hassall approved.  As a result, students and their parents from 911 in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 consented to participate in the research and completed questionnaires, with many also being interviewed.  The first phase of the research has now been completed and a report written which has been sent to the Minister and Associate Minister of Education and Education spokespeople in other parties.  To read this report, click here.  I think the boys' insights and comments have some particularly important messages for the education sector.  I thank Mrs Hassall, Mr Hakeney, the teachers whose classes I have interrupted, and the parents and boys for enabling me to undertake this research. I hope participants and parents, and perhaps others, enjoy reading the report.   It is my intention to collect further data by on-line questionnaires from each cohort at four-yearly intervals throughout the next 12 years.  If any parents or participants wish to contact me about the report, I may be contacted at