Athletic Sports Day 2020

Congratulations to all of our HBHS athletes who competed so well, and to Mr Miller and the HPW Faculty on organising and running the day so efficiently.  We must also offer a rare congratulations to the Prefects on their relay win, despite staff efforts to fix the race! The age group champions and House point updates are as follows.

 Junior Championship:

1st Joshua Wickers Argyle 68
2nd Dylan Brown Argyle 62
3rd Jesse Humberstone-Kara Argyle 58
4th= Matthew Bruning Steel 52
4th= Thomas Cave Taylor 52
4th= Tom Cooley Wilson 52
4th= Finn Seavill Wilson 52


Intermediate Championship:

1st Kyan Trebes Taylor 69
2nd Mathijs Wetzels Taylor 64
3rd Adam Morgan Taylor 56
4th Payton Spencer Wilson 52
5th Johno O'Brien Argyle 48
6th Brodie Robinson Wilson 38


Senior Championship:

1st Charles Annals Baigent 76
2nd Andrew Carr Steel 64
3rd Liam McKee Taylor 62
4th Thomas Marchant Argyle 56
5th Cody Nordstrom Argyle 48
6th Harry Russ Argyle 42


House Points (Major event):

    Track: Field: Total:
1st Argyle 6 6 12
2nd= Taylor 5 4 9
2nd= Wilson 4 5 9
4th= Baigent 3 2 5
4th= Steel 2 3 5
6th Tait 1 1 2


House Competition Update after two events:

1st= Argyle 15
1st= Wilson 15
3rd Taylor 13
4th Steel 10
5th Baigent 6
6th Tait 4