Auckland Grammar Winter Exchange

On the first day of June HBHS had the opportunity to experience school sport, and did we make the most of it.  Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make the day so successful, and thank you to all of the teams for the fine spirit in which the fixtures were contested.  The Auckland Grammar exchange has a 102-year history, and this was one of the most dominant HBHS performances ever.  The results of the exchange are as follows.

Rugby 1st XV:  HBHS won 55-0

Rugby 2nd XV:  HBHS won 25-10

Rugby Under 15A:  HBHS won 26-17

Football 1st XI:  HBHS won 2-1

Football Colts Year 10A:  HBHS won 4-1

Senior Premier Basketball:  HBHS won 72-70 (check out how that match ended in the above video!)

Junior Premier Basketball:  AGS won 74-51

Hockey 1st XI:  HBHS won 4-1

Hockey Under 15 Development:  HBHS won 6-0

Senior Badminton:  AGS won 5-1

Junior Badminton:  HBHS won 5-0

Senior Chess:  Drew 8-8

Junior Chess:  AGS won 15-1

Senior Debating:  HBHS won

Junior Debating:  HBHS  won

Golf Top 8:  HBHS won 6½-1½

Squash Top 5:  AGS won 4-1

HBHS won 12

AGS won 4

Drawn 1

The exchange was won overall by HBHS

Photography by Oliver Ingram.