HBHS Chess Team win Super 8 title

Our Super 8 team was: 1. Michael Lin 2. Max Stephens (capt) 3. Nathanael Loy, and 4. Ben Wright. The tournament was held as a 7-Round all-play-all with each player in each team playing their opposite number in all the opposing teams.

Despite the high quality of the opposition, our team managed to win the tournament with a 100% score, that is each of our players beat all of their opponents in all of their matches. This is an exceptionally rare occurrence in tournament chess and was the first time this has occurred in a Super 8 event. 

In addition, each of our players won their Board prize and Michael Lin was awarded the MVP prize on tiebreak.

After the wide-ranging cancellations due to COVID-19 in 2020, it was good to see our boys once again able to compete in traditional, over-the-board Chess and we wish them well for the remaining tournaments this year.