HBHS utterly dominant at North Island Secondary Schools Rowing Championships

It was a truly wonderful weekend of exceptional results for our rowing crews at Lake Karapiro, and as a school, HBHS was completely dominant.  The rowing squad secured the top school award with two races in hand, and the crews brought back an impressive nine gold medals, one silver, and one bronze.  Congratulation to all of these boys on their efforts and a heartfelt thank you to all of the coaches, parents, and supporters who put in countless hours so that our crews could perform so well.  We take this opportunity to celebrate all that you have achieved together this year.  Kia kaha to you all.

Under 17 Single Sculls:  Bronze

Tyler McNutt

Under 17 Coxed Eight:  Silver

Sam Cairns, Morgan Gardiner, Josh Cameron, Alex Pollack, Adam Wilson, Jasper Maling, Seamus Foley, Emersyn Coxhead and Fletcher Cotter (cox)

Under 18 Coxless Pair (John Symes Cup):  Gold

Josh Vodanovich, Blair Ellis

Under 15 Coxed Octuple Sculls:  Gold

Johno O’Brien, Josh Syme, Xavier Scarlett, Eddy Pollock, Ashton Kennedy, Dylan Worthington, Tama Merrilees, Lucas Cooke and Oliver Duncan (cox)

Under 18 Novice Coxed Eight (Mexico Olympic Cup):  Gold

Michael Maloney, Christian MacEwan, Logan Jenner, Ben Russell, Mark Ieremia, Carlos Miln, C.J. Kaua, Quin McLeod and Oliver Duncan (cox)

Under 15 Coxed Eight (Bill Yorwarth Cup):  Gold

Johno O’Brien, Lucas Cooke, Josh Syme, Xavier Scarlett, Ashton Kennedy, Eddy Pollock, Tama Merrilees, Dylan Worthington and Aaron O’Regan (cox)

Under 18 Coxed Four (Bob Harris Cup):  Gold

Josh Gordon, Josh Vodanovich, Blair Ellis, Tait Wilson and Kieran Joyce (cox)

Under 18 Novice Coxed Four:  Gold

Carlos Miln, Christian MacEwan, Ben Russell, C.J. Kaua and Oliver Duncan (cox)

Under 16 Coxed Eight (George Hale Memorial Trophy):  Gold

Toby Smith, Daniel Humphrey, Cameron Reid, Simon Dmitrenko, Snowden Hemi-Hill, Logan Jenner, Teina Tainui, Lucas Cooke and Aaron O’Regan (cox)

Under 15 Coxed Four (Mike Powell Memorial Shield):  Gold

Josh Syme, Xavier Scarlett, Ashton Kennedy, Johno O’Brien and Aaron O’Regan (cox)

Under 18 Coxed Eight (the Thomas Thompson Memorial Shield):  Gold

Josh Gordon, Beckam Raffan, Blair Ellis, Josh Vodanovich, Tyler McNutt, Hunter Moon, Adam Wilson, Tait Wilson and Kieran Joyce (cox)