House Cross Country

Last Tuesday the 7th of May, the House Cross Country was contested in glorious autumnal conditions.  Congratulations to all of our runners who competed so well, and to Taylor House on winning this Major House event.  As you can see from the House points after six events only 5 points separate the first four Houses, so there is still a lot to play for this term.  

Junior Championship:

1st Liam Davis (9.38 mins) Wilson
2nd Dylan Brown Argyle
3rd Johno O'Brien Argyle

Intermediate Championship:

1st Joseph Morgan (15.59 mins) Taylor
2nd Mathijs Wetzels Taylor
3rd Thomas Marchant Argyle

Senior Championship:

1st Andrew Carr (20.15 mins) Steel
2nd William Swales Tait
3rd Oliver Foote Wilson

House Points:

Place: House: Total: Points:
1st Taylor 1371 12
2nd Argyle 1363 10
3rd Wilson 1282 8
4th Baigent 1257 6
5th Tait 1200 4
6th Steel 1113 2

Overall House Standings after six events:

1st Argyle 43½
2nd Taylor 40½
3rd Wilson 40
4th Steel 38
5th Baigent 27½
6th Tait 20½