House Haka Competition

Today in Gym 1 Haka history was made, as the House Haka Competition became a stand-alone event for the first time.  History was very nearly made on another level, as Steel House anxiously waited for their name to be called out as the places were read, and finally found themselves sitting second, behind a victorious Argyle House.  Steel's second was enough for them to take the lead (yes, you did read that correctly) in the House competition after four events, with Argyle sitting just behind them, and Taylor and Wilson tied for third.  The points and House standings are as follows, and congratulations to Argyle on a powerhouse performance.  Congratulations also to the Prefects, who took out the inaugural Staff versus Prefects Haka competition.  

House Haka Points (major event):

1st  Argyle 12
2nd Steel 10
3rd Baigent 8
4th Wilson 6
5th Taylor 4
6th Tait 2


House standings (after four events):

1st  Steel 30
2nd  Argyle 29.5
3rd = Taylor 27
3rd = Wilson 27
5th Baigent 20
6th Tait 13.5