Message from the Headmaster, Tuesday 2 November 2021

Dear whānau

I write today, with genuine sadness, to explain changes we have had to make to our calendar for the rest of this term.

As you are very aware, Hamilton remains at Alert Level 3, and no time has been suggested for a move out of our current situation. Thus, we have reached a point where we have had to make some very difficult decisions, given that we are very unlikely to move back to a more normal environment in time for us to maintain our current programme.

I know that these decisions will bring disappointment to many, in a time where we have already lost so many opportunities to celebrate the year we have shared. However, we must always remember what matters most - the well-being, happiness and success of our young men. Our focus remains on ensuring that each young man finishes the year in a positive way, proud of his efforts and achievements.

Today, we have confirmed the following changes for Term 4:

These events have been cancelled:

  • Year 9 Activities and Year 10 Camps (Week 8). We will provide further information on proposed alternative programmes in the days ahead.
  • Service Work Day (22 Nov)
  • Grandparents morning (30 Nov)

The following are changes or confirmations:

  • The Junior Exams have been postponed (the revised date will be determined by the return date of our Junior students)
  • MOE Teacher Only Day: This has been moved to Friday, November 12. We have made this change, in order to minimise disruption to our Year 9 and 10 classes, if they are able to return to school on the following week. Our NCEA students will begin study leave on this day, and as it is an MOE approved day, no Year 9 or 10 online classes will occur
  • Year 8 Testing for our new students has been moved to 26 November.
  • Year 8 Elite Sports Testing remains on the calendar on 19 November at this stage.

End of Year Award Ceremonies:

Week 4:

Monday, November 8 Period 1 Maori and Pasifika Award winners only

Tuesday, November 9 Period 2 Music and Arts Award winners only

Wednesday, November 10 Period 3 Sports Award winners only

Senior Prizegiving - Thursday, November 11

Period 1 - Year 11 Prize winners only (all other boys in normal classes)

Period 2 - Year 12 Prize winners only (all other boys in normal classes)

Period 3 - Year 13 Prize winners only (all other boys in normal classes until the bell rings)

When the bell rings, at approximately 12, all students will move to Tutor Groups to listen to the Head Boy's leaving speech, via Zoom, followed by the Headmaster's speech. Year 13's will then be presented with their leavers folder by their Tutor Group teacher. 

As parents and families will, sadly, not be able to attend, we will ensure each student receiving recognition at each of these ceremonies will be photographed, and these photographs will be made available after the events.

School will finish, for the Senior school, at approximately 12.30pm. No Year 9 or 10 online classes will operate on this day.

Study leave will begin on Friday, 12th November. However, in the following week, students are welcome, and encouraged, to attend study and revision groups, and Scholarship tutorials, as arranged by their teachers. 

I will continue to update you as our situation becomes clearer. Thank you so much for your support and care through these challenging times. We feel very fortunate to be sharing these days with our Senior school, and ALP Year 10 students.

I have been so impressed by our students, as they make the most of the time we have together, and the resilience they show in dealing with the changes we face. 

And I hope that we are able to welcome the rest of our school whanau “back to school” very soon. It feels strange without our Year 9s and 10s, and their exuberance and enthusiasm, and so different without your presence as parents in the school.


Susan Hassall