Scholarship Examination Results from 2021

Congratulations to our Year 12 and 13 students of 2021 on winning 60 Scholarships, with 8 at Outstanding level.  A special congratulations to our Dux of 2021, Drishya Patel, on winning 9 Scholarships.  Congratulations and thank you also to the teachers who supported them in their efforts.

Nine Scholarships with One at Outstanding:  Drishya Patel

Agriculture & Horticulture, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry (O), Earth & Space Science, Economics, Geography, Physics, and Statistics.

Five Scholarships with Two at Outstanding: Travis Palmer

Biology (O), Economics (O), English, Geography, and Physics.

Five Scholarships with One at Outstanding:  Sulaiman Bahiss

Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, and Statistics (O).

Five Scholarships with One at Outstanding:  Ben Wright

Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, and Statistics (O).

Five Scholarships:  Tebijan Kalarathan

Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, and Statistics.

Four Scholarships with One at Outstanding:  Robert Hoskins

Calculus, Chemistry (O), Photography, and Physics.

Four Scholarships:  Leneshen Govender

English, Media Studies, Religious Studies, and Statistics.

Three Scholarships with Two at Outstanding:  Logan Palmer

Classical Studies, Economics (O), and English (O).

Three Scholarships:  Jay Brydon

Calculus, Physics, and Statistics.

Three Scholarships:  Toby Hill

Biology, Economics, and Statistics.

Two Scholarships:  Timothy Evans

Health & Physical Education, and Music.

Two Scholarships: Sankalp Lanka

Geography, and Statistics.

Two Scholarships: Jovan Xin (Year 12)

English, and Statistics.

One Scholarship:

Drew Chadwick:  English

Cheng-Yu Dong:  Technology

Daniel Humphrey:  Health & Physical Education

Suprabal Khatry:  Statistics

Matthew Lee:  Drama

Michael Lin (Year 12):  Calculus

Jacob Porter (Year 12):  English

Andrew Sun:  Music