Sports Awards 2020

On Thursday the 29th of October, the 2020 Sports Awards Evening was held in the Hall and the incredible list of sporting successes that HBHS has enjoyed this year, despite all of the disruptions and disappointments, across a wide range of sporting codes was celebrated.  The guest speaker was former All Black and now Head of Sport Waikato, Matthew Cooper, who was gratifyingly complimentary about the HBHS Sports Programme.  We present the full list of individual sporting code winners and HBHS Sports Prize-winners and congratulate each and every athlete and team listed on their efforts this year.


Individual Sporting Codes:



Taylor Brothers Cup for Intermediate Hurdles to Zach Coffey

Thompson Cup for Senior Hurdles to Charles Annals

A D Becks Cup for Senior Sprints (100m) to Tyron Hilton

Fergusson Cup for Senior 400m to Oliver Foote

F Grinter Cup for Senior Field Events to Cody Nordstrom

K A Hudson Cup for 2000m Steeplechase to Andrew Carr

T Mills Cup for Senior Distance (3000m) to Andrew Carr

Oettli Cup for Senior 1500m Champion to Andrew Carr

Rockwell Brothers Cup for Junior Champion to Joshua Wickers

R Johnson Cup for Intermediate Champion to Kyan Trebes

C L McDiarmid Cup for Senior Champion to Charles Annals



Betty Grigg Memorial Cup for Service to Badminton to Dhusar Chatterjee

G De Groen Trophy for Junior Novice to Alex Liu

Oriana Cup for Junior Champion to Aveer Virk

The Shield for Most Promising Player to Nithin Perumal

Canada Cup for Senior Champion to Tebijan Kalarathan



Baldwin Trophy for Most Outstanding Junior Player to Iotia Teokotai and Elias Lepou

Cameron Cup for Most Improved Senior Premier Player to David Pereira

Peter Harvey Memorial Cup for Service to Basketball to Wai’apo Louis

Lions Cup for the Senior Premier Player who displays strength, courage, creativity and perseverance to Oliver White

HBHS Cup for Outstanding Senior Premier Player to Daniel Dobson

Student Coach of the Year to Daniel Dizon (Basketball 9B)



John Paul Bat for Best Junior Cricketer to Eli Parker

Aim Trophy for Aim Development Batting to Benjamin Wright

The Kerry Calnon Trophy for Development Bowling to Noah Gudgeon

Nic Jeffs Memorial Trophy for Commitment and Dedication to the Development XI to Fraser Mallett

Patterson Cup for Fielding in 1st XI Cricket to Ethan O’Donoghue

Morris Cup for Most Improved Player in 1st XI Cricket to Brogan Hayman

1st XI Bowling Trophy for Most Wickets in a Season to Banroj Sidhu

John Nelson Memorial for Service to Cricket to Luke Kleuskens and Rhys Kleuskens

1st XI Batting Cup for Batting Aggregate to Jacob Parker

Shane Thomson Trophy for Best All-round Senior Cricketer to Payton Spencer


Cross Country

Junior Steeplechase Cup for Junior Cross Country Champion to Dylan Brown

Malcolm Cup for Intermediate Cross Country Champion to Johno O’Brien

Wallace Cup for Senior Cross Country Champion to Joseph Morgan



Milremo Shield for Most Improved Cyclist to Jared Mann

Derek Houghton Award for Most Dedicated Cyclist to Kallum Mardon

Norman Shattock Trophy for Most Outstanding Performer to Samuel Fraser



HBHS Cup for Most Promising Year 9 Player to Isaac Bates

Jonathan Perry Trophy for Most Promising Colts Player to Connor Cloete

Weaver Cup for Most Improved Colts Player to Thomas Burt

4A Soccer Cup for Service to Junior Football (Captain of Colts) to Thomas Cave

Jonathan Perry Shirt for Most Improved Senior to Conor Jamieson

English Shirt for the Captain of 1st XI Football to Campbell Brown

Coaches Cup for Most Valuable in 1st XI Football to Lesley Kivolyn

Shaun Malthus Trophy for Most Improved Player in a Social Grade to Max Mills

Westphal Cup for Service to Football to Blake Wisnewski and Jack Myles

Student Umpire/Referee of the Year to Jack Booth (Football and Futsal)



HBHS Cup for Most Outstanding Senior Player to Jack Macklow

HBHS Cup for Most Outstanding Junior Player to Connor Cloete



Alker Shield for Service to Golf to Oliver Leen

Centenary Cup for Junior Champion to Jakob Arthur

Bryan Boyes Trophy for Senior Champion to Jakob Bird



Puna Cup for Most Outstanding Junior Player to Dylan Baillie

Roberts Cup for Outstanding Player to Gus Nelson

Wheeler Cup for Most Improved Player to Angel Medina-Cubillos

Warwick Hartley Memorial for Dedication and Commitment to Myles Landon

Haydn Steel Master Blaster for Most Goals in Hockey 1st XI to Gus Nelson

The Wells Family Cup for Most Valuable Defender in an Elite Team to Franko du Preez 


Inline Hockey

HBHS Cup for Most Outstanding Player to Connor Robertson



HBHS Cup for Most Outstanding Player to Benjamin Cowen


Mountain Biking

HBHS Cup for Most Outstanding Cyclist to James MacDermid


Rock Climbing

The Krippner Cup for Top Senior to Oliver Shanks

The Longmire Cup for Top Junior to Ethan Carmichael

The McCauley Cup for Most Improved to Dylan Bailey-Pickering



H and T Loe Trophy for Most Improved Oarsman to Jasper Maling

Richard Palmer Trophy for Most Improved Coxswain to Jamie Zyza

Satherley Cup for Junior Leadership to Johno O’Brien

Gudsell Cup for Senior Leadership to Kieran Joyce

Senior Cup for Most Outstanding Senior Oarsman to Joshua Vodanovich

Ross Wilson Cup for Service to Rowing to Ethan Hight

Cameron Cup for Commitment to Excellence to Joshua Gordon

Healey Cup awarded to a rower who has persevered over four seasons to progress from limited success to attain results at the highest level to Beckam Raffan



Lawson Cup for Best Supporter of HBHS Rugby to the Tupaea Family

Carwyn James Trophy for Most Promising Junior to Oliver Mathis

International Rugby Player of the Year to Shinya Komura

James Hook Trophy for Outstanding Goal Kicking to Beau Peart

Ballymore Ball for Leadership to Solomona Tyrell

Noel Murphy Award for Sportsmanship to Westyn Cobb

L B Sandford Cup for Most Improved Player to Tyler McNutt

1st XV Trophy for Most Games for the 1st XV to Heath MacEwan

1st XV Cup for Best Back to Oliver Foote

1st XV Trophy for Best Forward to Mason Tupaea

Lodge Real Estate Award for 1st XV Player of the Year to Noah Hotham


Rugby Sevens

Clark Award for Outstanding Sevens Player to Oliver Foote



Penrose Cup for Junior Shotgun Champion to Jack Godden

Shotgun for Senior Champion to Andrew Wilson



Kamloops Bat for Top Junior Batter to Malachi Kruidhof

HBHS Cup for Top Senior Batter to Tawhiri King

HBHS Cup for Top Junior Pitcher to Ikaika Tawha

Softball Club Trophy for Top Senior Pitcher to Cody Jones

HBHS Cup for Best Junior Fielder to Anaru Foster

Top Glove for Best Fielder to Kawana Snow

HBHS Cup for Most Valued Junior Player to Ikaika Tawha

School Trophy for Best Senior Player to Nikau Tawha



Johnson Cup for Service to Squash to Liam Coombes



Norman Ross Cup for House Swimming Sports to Wilson House

R English Cup for Junior Champion to Matthew Bruning and Joshua Edwards

I W Ready Cup for Intermediate Champion to Dominic Fawkner

Old Boys’ Challenge Cup for Senior Champion to Carlos Hardie

The Missen Cup for Most Outstanding Performance at NZSS Nationals to David So


Table Tennis

Doc Ales Cup for Outstanding Performer to Lou Dai



Meyer Cup for Junior Champion to Jack McGregor

Ian Crookenden Cup for Senior Champion to Liam Barry



Senior Cup for Best Senior Player to Oliver Foote

Junior Cup for Best Junior Player to Caelys-Paul Putoko



HBHS Cup for Most Outstanding Player to Scotty Akim



Junior Trophy for Most Improved Player to Tyler Magalei

Senior Trophy for Player of the Year to Willie Mulipola



Steven Rolfe Trophy for Most Outstanding Player to Ethan Matai’a

McKnight Trophy for Service to Waterpolo to Thomas Perham