Normal transmission has resumed! We were back at Porritt Stadium for the 2023 Athletic Sports Day.

On the first day of autumn, HBHS headed back en masse to Porritt Stadium to contest the first major event of the 2023 House Competition.  Congratulations to all of our age group champions, competitors, and a special congratulations to the (mighty™) House in Black which took out both the Track and Field events to be tied in first place with Tait House after two events.

Junior Championship:

???? Hemi Peachey, Tait House, 74 points

???? Blake Gunderson, Wilson House, 66 points

???? Ezra Scott, Tait House, 50 points

Intermediate Championship:

???? Jesse Humberstone-Kara, Argyle House, 70 points

???? Ben Morris, Argyle House, 56 points

???? Lachlan Ross, Tait House, 42 points

Senior Championship:

???? Johno O’Brien, Argyle House, 74 points

???? Dupre Marshall, Steel House, 68 points

???? Ewald Schreuder, Tait House, 42 points

Track and Field Events Points Combined:

Athletic Sports Day Points — Image by: Wendy Moffitt

House Competition Points (after 2 events): 

House Competition Points (after 2 events) — Image by: Wendy Moffitt

Photography by Ms Jamieson Hudson, Leonadis Blackler, Carlos Emery, Jack Ericksen, Andrew Mitchell, Isaac O’Neill, and Xavier Simon.

By Wendy Moffitt

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