Where else can you meet William Shakespeare, LeBron James and Stephen Hawking?

All boys from the three Year 9 Advanced Learning Programme classes participated in this end-of-year celebration. They selected a “notable” person to research and prepared a presentation covering the following points:

· What makes you/your person a ‘Notable’?

· How have you/they contributed to our world?

· Why do you admire this person?

Some boys chose to act and speak as if they were that person. The presentations were judged by Prefects from the Academic Committee. They complimented all the “notables” and awarded the following prizes:

Winner: Obaidullah Zaman (Rabindranath Tagore)

Runners-Up: John Huang (Frédéric Chopin) and Micah Ennion (Tokisho Akiyoshi)

Highly Commended: Avi Patel, Jack Jewkes, Hamish Dowd, Fatehveer Benepal, and Sivgun Paul

By Noeline Ashby

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