We offer a wide range of qualifications.

Since 2002 the National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA) has been New Zealand’s main national qualification for secondary school students.

The staff at HBHS are recognised as very professional and deliver traditional and sound teaching. As a result student achievement continues to be consistently above the national averages across almost all subject areas.

In addition to the NCEA qualification, HBHS offers its more able academic students the opportunity to extend themselves by gaining qualifications through the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

  • Level 1 NCEA (studied at Year 11)
  • IGCSE (studied at Year 11)
  • Level 2 NCEA (studied at Year 12)
  • AS Level exams (studied at Year 12)
  • Level 3 NCEA (studied at Year 13)
  • New Zealand Scholarship Award (studied at Year 13)
  • University Entrance (for New Zealand Universities)

Helpful Links

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See the ACSNZ website for further information about Cambridge CIE qualifications.


For enquiries about NZQA and NCEA qualifications matters please contact:

Mr Charlton Thompson
NZQA Liaison Cambridge International Examinations Co-ordinator
Email: [email protected]