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Teenage Scientist has big plans to clean up the oceans

24th Aug 2016, 2:59pm

Liam Henderson is one to watch for the future as he makes plans to protect New Zealand's seas

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HBHS 1st XI Hockey team in Midlands Finals tonight

23rd Aug 2016, 1:07pm

HBHS take on St Paul's Collegiate in the Midlands Regional Final

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Find out how many Olympians are from HBHS

22nd Aug 2016, 2:57pm

"What school did you go to?" Turns out quite a few of our 2016 Olympians are from right here

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Isaiah Priddey and Bradley Cullen compete in Australian Cross Country Championships

22nd Aug 2016, 9:27am

Mr Vaughan Priddey reports on Isaiah's and Brad's efforts in Canberra at the recent Australian Cross Country Championships

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Results Round Up from the weekend

22nd Aug 2016, 8:53am

It has been a weekend of fantastic cultural and sporting results for HBHS

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HBHS win Waikato Secondary Schools Debating Competition

17th Aug 2016, 9:26am

The win was never in doubt for HBHS as the teams take first and second place

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