Our People

Executive Team

Senior Management


Assistant Principal – Pastoral & GuidanceDan Bair[email protected]
Director of Pastoral Care (Snr)William Steenkamp[email protected]
Director of Pastoral Care (Jnr)Patricia Schmidt[email protected]
Director of WellbeingBarney Killian[email protected]
Dean of Year 9Brieana Crosbiebcrosbie@hbhs.school.nz
Dean of Year 10Simon Foy[email protected]
Dean of Year 11Steve Fiet[email protected]
Dean of Year 12Hayden Marrow[email protected]
Dean of Year 13Pierre le Roux[email protected]
Dean for At Risk StudentsElton Snell [email protected]
Dean of MāoriTe Kare Emery[email protected]
Dean of PasifikaElliot Tiffany[email protected]
Senior Academic DeanAndy Thomson[email protected]
Senior Academic DeanWhaea Randell[email protected]
Junior Academic DeanBlake Adams[email protected]
Academic Mentor – MāoriPhillipa Grace[email protected]
Director of Teacher SupportDenise Weren[email protected]
Director of ALPMichelle Coursey[email protected]
CareersTodd Miller[email protected]
Careers AdministratorMandy Brooker[email protected]
Gateway Co-ordinatorWendy Barry[email protected]
Head of GuidanceKate Bower[email protected]
Guidance CounsellorJessica Weller[email protected]
School NursesL. Saunders, R. Hallett, R.Bau & R. Hippolite[email protected]
On-site PhysiotherapistsFoundation Sports & Rehabilitation Clinicwww.foundationclinic.co.nz/hbhs
Uniforms and StationeryLiz Caskey[email protected]
Student Accounts (Fees)Natasha Hawke[email protected]
Director of International StudentsTonia Heeps[email protected]
International Homestay Manager & AdministratorAnn Halpin-Ryan[email protected]
ServiceBarney Killian[email protected]
Dean AdministratorDianne Ellery[email protected]
Pastoral Care SupportLee Te Kani[email protected]
Pastoral Care SupportMargaret Clark[email protected]
Assistant Principal – CurriculumCharlton Thompson[email protected]
Curriculum Co-ordinator (Snr)Melissa Young[email protected]
Curriculum Co-ordinator (Jnr)Christelle Cloete[email protected]
ReportingPaul Gunn[email protected]
Director of Learning SupportCyril Cloete[email protected]
Dean of Advanced Learning ProgrammeMichelle Coursey[email protected]
Senior Academic DeanAaron Scott[email protected]
Junior Academic DeanBlake Adams[email protected]
Academic Dean – MāoriWhaea Randell[email protected]


Director of AdministrationKristin Rillstone[email protected]
Business ManagerRudra Pradeep[email protected]
Finance OfficerSharon Allen[email protected]
Accounts Payable OfficerRachel Walker[email protected]
LibrarianNick Vincent[email protected]
Teacher LibrarianSuyen Steyn[email protected]
HostelMurray McKenzie[email protected]
Audio / VisualQuentin West[email protected]
PropertyNigel Harris[email protected]
SecurityStephen Hawkins[email protected]
IT ManagerSimon Devitt[email protected]
WebsiteDemi-Rae Le Roux[email protected]
PublicationsWendy Moffitt[email protected]
Director of SportAaron Scott[email protected]
Director of CultureTim Dent[email protected]
High Performance Sports ManagerRahiti Teokotai-White[email protected]

Teaching Staff

At HBHS every major subject falls within an academic faculty. Each faculty is responsible for curriculum delivery, effective teaching practices and the resources required for its students. There are seven faculties, each with its own Head of Faculty (HOF). Each subject has a Teacher with Curriculum Responsibility (TCR).
Code Name Position Email
Ws Mrs S Weston Head of Faculty [email protected]
Be Mrs A Botha TCR ESOL [email protected]
Ce Mrs C Cloete [email protected]
Co Miss M Coursey [email protected]
Dy Ms B Dobbyn TCR Junior ALP & ELP [email protected]
Em Mr T Emery [email protected]
Es Mrs R Ellis [email protected]
He Ms T Heeps [email protected]
Hl Mrs L Hill TCR [email protected]
Mn Mrs M Malan TCR Senior Internally Assessed Standards [email protected]
Ms Mr S Mackey [email protected]
Mi Mrs L McGirr TCR Year 9-11 SLP [email protected]
Mf Ms W Moffitt TIC Media Studies [email protected]
Pc Mr Zach Pickett [email protected]
Rn Mrs A Randell [email protected]
Sa Mrs P Schmidt [email protected]
Sf Mrs C Steffert [email protected]
Su Ms S Steyn [email protected]
So Mr R Strother [email protected]
Ta Mrs D Taumalolo [email protected]
Wo Ms V Wood [email protected]
Code Name Position Email
Nl Mr G Nolan Head of Faculty, TCR 12MXA, 12MXB [email protected]
Ai Ms S Ali [email protected]
As Mr D Ashley-Miller [email protected]
By Mrs S Bury [email protected]
Ct Mr C Cloete Alternate Pathways, TCR Yr 9 & 10 SLP & ILP, TCR 11MXP [email protected]
Gl Mr A Garcia Gil ALP Pathways, TCR 11 Cambridge, TCR 13MS & 13MX [email protected]
Gd Mrs E Guildea [email protected]
Hd Mr A Heuer [email protected]
Kn Mr L Knipe [email protected]
Ka Mr B Killian Numeracy & At-risk Students, TCR 11MX, TCR 11MXU,TCR 12MXQ [email protected]
La Ms S Landon Teaching & Learning, TCR Yr 9 ALP & ELP, Yr 10 ELP [email protected]
Ll Mrs K Lal-Raman [email protected]
Lr Mr E Lefson [email protected]
Lr Mr P Le Roux [email protected]
Pa Mrs B Paterson [email protected]
Vj Mrs A Van Jaarsveld [email protected]
Code Name Position Email
Wl Mrs J Wallace Head of Faculty, TCR Legal Studies [email protected]
BL Mrs S Blow [email protected]
Cr Mr Z Corban [email protected]
Gr Ms P Grace TCR History [email protected]
Gh Mr N Grant [email protected]
Hq Mr I Harrison [email protected]
Kt Mr L Katene [email protected]
Ki Mr Lewis Kittsen [email protected]
Ra Ms F Razak [email protected]
Ry Mrs A Ryan TCR Social Sciences [email protected]
Sz Miss E Satherley [email protected]
Ns Ms N Shah [email protected]
Sh Mrs S Shephard TCR Geography [email protected]
Sh Mr E Snell [email protected]
Th Mr A Thomson [email protected]
Ti Mr E Tiffany [email protected]
Vn Ms L Van Der Beek [email protected]
Ve Mrs K Van Der Toorn [email protected]
Va Mrs M Varma TCR Accounting, TCR Business Studies [email protected]
Wn Mrs D Weren TCR Economics [email protected]
Wa Mrs S Williams [email protected]
Code Name Position Email
Gu Mr P Gunn Head of Faculty [email protected]
Bg Mr G Bennett TCR Horticulture [email protected]
Ch Dr S Charteris [email protected]
Cs Mrs B Crosbie [email protected]
Cu Ms L Cumming [email protected]
Da Mr A Davies [email protected]
En Mr L Ensing [email protected]
Ew Mrs H Entwisle [email protected]
Gt Miss A Grinter [email protected]
Lu Mr F Lau [email protected]
Ma Mr E Mallinson [email protected]
Mw Mr H Marrow [email protected]
Me Mr P McFetridge TCR Senior Science [email protected]
Mm Mr M Meuli [email protected]
Re Mrs L Rae TCR Physics, TCR Electronics [email protected]
Sd Mr S Sanders [email protected]
Sy Mr J Steyn-Ross [email protected]
Tz Mr J Tizard [email protected]
Wg Mr B Westleigh [email protected]
Wi Mr E Winslade TCR Biology [email protected]
Yo Mrs M Young TCR Chemistry [email protected]
Code Name Position Email
Sj Mr S Smith Head of Faculty, TCR Sen Physical Education [email protected]
Bk Mrs K Bower [email protected]
Cl Mr B Cooley [email protected]
Fy Mr S Foy TCR Sports Studies [email protected]
Go Mr D Groom [email protected]
Hi Mr P Harrison [email protected]
Js Mr V Johnson TCR Jun Physical Education, TCR Health [email protected]
Ku Mr C Kuggeleijn [email protected]
Mk Mr M McKenzie [email protected]
My Mr C Moorby [email protected]
Ni Mr P Nixon [email protected]
Ri Mr T Richards-Coxhead [email protected]
Rs Mr G Ross [email protected]
Tk Mr J Te Ruki-Chambers [email protected]
Te Mr R Teokotai-White TCR PY [email protected]
Wj Miss J Weller [email protected]
Wr Mr C Winks [email protected]
Code Name Position Email
We Mr Q West Head of Faculty, TCR Film & TV [email protected]
Ah Mr D Ashton TIC Drama [email protected]
Cm Ms W Cameron [email protected]
De Mr T Dent [email protected]
Gb Mr B Galbraith TCR Music [email protected]
Jo Mr M Jones [email protected]
Mh Mrs A Matthews [email protected]
Pi Mrs Rosemary Pritchard [email protected]
Sl Mr Antonio Salsano [email protected]
Rt Mr T Renna [email protected]
Si Mr A Simmonds [email protected]
Sp Mr J Sparrow [email protected]
Wf Mr S West [email protected]
Zh Ms L Zhou TIC Chinese [email protected]
DtMr S DevittHead of Faculty, IT Manager[email protected]
AdMr B AdamsDesign & Visual Communication[email protected]
AnMr B Allen [email protected]
DuMr J du ToitTCR Technology Metal & Engineering[email protected]
FiMr S Fiet [email protected]
HfMr J HarnishTCR Carpentry, Technology Wood & Building Construction[email protected]
HrMr K Hellyer [email protected]
MbMs D Morrow [email protected]
OvMrs C OliverTIC Tourism[email protected]
RlMrs L Ross [email protected]
RoMr D Roughton [email protected]
SvMr T Silvester [email protected]
SrMiss L St George [email protected]
StMr J Steel [email protected]
SkMr W Steenkamp [email protected]
SnMs C StonerTCR Food Technology & Hospitality[email protected]
SbMiss M Swanson [email protected]
TrMr R TrassTCR Information Technology[email protected]