We aim to provide a challenging, varied and dynamic learning environment for all students.

The school’s optimum size and its reputation for student achievement mean we are well resourced across a range of over fifty subjects – a range of learning options which very few other schools can offer. This helps ensure that boys are prepared to make well-informed choices about the subjects they will specialise in when they reach the senior school.

The subject range is suited to students of all aptitudes and abilities. However, we place a very strong emphasis on achievement in the core curricular subjects – English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. We recognise that every student should leave school with no less than a solid grounding in these subjects which are so important for life after school.

Many special programmes are available for individual students, whatever their level of ability. The school offers tuition for students before and after school on request throughout the year. Mathematics assistance is available during two lunchtimes a week. A homework centre run by staff and parents is available for students, as well as a holiday programme which offers intensive revision before examinations.

Our 2023 Curriculum Guides


For all enquiries please contact:

Ms C Brown
Senior Curriculum Co-ordinator
Tel: (07) 853 0440 ext 2060
Email: [email protected]

Mrs C Cloete
Junior Curriculum Co-ordinator
Tel: (07) 853 0440 ext 2125
Email: [email protected]