Framework for Wellbeing at Hamilton Boys’ High School

“A wise man carves his own fortune”


Every member of the Hamilton Boys’ High School family feels connected, supported and successful.


  • Building positive, strong relationships
  • Encouraging and supporting risk taking
  • Developing resilience through a strength based approach
  • Promoting a growth mindset environment
  • Crafting life skills for a successful future


• Love
• Whānau
• Service
• Diversity
• Environment
• Relationships
• Belonging


• Courage
• Resilience
• Focus
• Strength
• Identity
• Self Belief
• Purposefulness

Mana Kiritau

• Arete
• Excellence
• Goals
• Wonder
• Aspirations
• Leadership
• Wisdom

Student Wellbeing at HBHS

Hamilton Boys’ High School proudly enlists a wide ranges of Wellbeing Ambassadors, to offer support and mentoring and ensure a positive emotional and mental health among students. Our objective is to encourage students’ confidence, courage and compassion – important foundations for bright and successful futures.
HBHS Wellbeing Ambassadors
  • Director of Wellbeing
  • Tutor Teachers
  • Guidance Counsellors
  • Year Level Deans, Year 9-13
  • Academic Mentors
  • Māori Academic Mentor
  • Pasifika Academic Mentor
  • Refugee Coordinator
  • Māori Dean
  • Pasifika Dean
  • High Performance Sports Manager
  • Advanced Learning Programme Director
  • Careers Counsellors
  • Registered Nurses
  • Academic Coordinators
  • Director of International Students
The Wellbeing curriculum is delivered through the following platforms:
  • Year level connections
  • School Culture
  • Acknowledgement, recognition and celebration of success
  • Ethics and Values
Tutor Group
  • Wellbeing Hub
  • Schoolwide Wellbeing themes
  • Everyday connections
  • Boys to Men mentoring programme
  • Consistent support from a small but diverse group of peers
  • Friendships across different year levels
  • Peer mentoring
  • School Culture
Wellbeing Lessons 
  • Focus on Year 9 and 10 Wellbeing Curriculum
  • Opportunity for personal growth
  • Discussion based learning activities
  • Relevant and Contemporary, “What Really Matters”
Whole School approach

SchoolTV: This is an online Wellbeing resource that interrelates and supports our Wellbeing Framework. This Wellbeing resource is sent home via school links throughout the year to give parents ongoing, realistic and practical strategies to enhance their son’s Wellbeing.

Consistent school wide messaging to all students that encompasses Wellbeing themes. This is embedded and enhanced within Sport, Culture and Academic areas

The relationship between Wellbeing and Service

The Service component of Hamilton Boys’ High School, which is embedded in our values, is represented by the Sash in the School’s Crest and is an integral part of the school. Service offers people the opportunity to enhance their personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. By giving service you are able to help others around your community, by creating a more connected and vibrant community. Service is not difficult or challenging, it is a simple act of kindness. Some examples of service by our students are, Blood Drive, Shave for a Cure, 40 Hour Famine, Fundraising, etc. The act of giving service at HBHS has helped the wellbeing of a variety of people around our community


For enquiries about wellbeing please contact:

Mr Barney Killian
Director of Wellbeing
Email: [email protected]