Pastoral Support

Our community provides support for the boys’ learning, growth and development.

There are excellent systems to help any boys who may be having personal difficulties which hinder their ability to learn, participate and enjoy school. The Guidance Network Team, made up of the Deans and two Guidance Counsellors, has overall responsibility for the welfare of students.

Tutor Group teachers are the first line of support for boys. Every boy is assigned a Tutor Group which has students from Year 9 to Year 13. This helps to provide younger boys with a peer group that remains together throughout school. As they continue through school they grow in seniority and soon they become the mentors and friends of the new younger boys who have joined the group.

Deans have the first line of responsibility for the academic and personal welfare of the students. Each of the year groups has its own Dean. In addition, there is a Dean of Māori & Pacific Island Students, a Dean of International Students, A Director of Sport and Culture, a Dean of Advanced Learning and a Dean of Learning Support.

The students themselves are actively involved in supporting each other. There are strong bonds of loyalty within the school and all students know the standards of behavior that are expected of them. Hamilton Boys’ High School is a benchmark school for its student welfare and support achievements.

HBHS Policy on Fostering Positive Relationships


For enquiries please contact:

Mr Shane Singh
Director of Pastoral Care (Senior)
Email: [email protected]

Mrs Patricia Schmidt
Director of Pastoral Care (Junior)
Email: [email protected]