Performing Arts

School Production

Each year HGHS and HBHS combine to put on a major production. It is the main time that the two schools get together on a major project. The responsibilities for the production alternate yearly between the schools as does the choice of production. In the past, it has been mainly a Shakespeare followed by a musical, but recently this has been more flexible.

Theatre Sports

The school theatre-sports enthusiasts are coached by our Teacher in Charge of Drama teacher Mr Ashton. The sport has a dedicated group who practice several times a week and enter local and national competitions in order to test their abilities. Theatre-sports is becoming very popular, with drama classes now offered at Hamilton Boys’ High School from Year 9-13.

As well as competing in the Waikato Championship and the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Competition, we also compete as part of the Super 8 Cultural Festival each year.


For enquiries please contact:

Mr Dwight Ashton
TIC Drama
Email: [email protected]