Argyle House

Accommodation Facilities

The two-story Hostel buildings provide a range of accommodation facilities, which include modern three-bed and twin rooms for our junior students through to motel-style units and single rooms for seniors.  Our juniors (Years 9 and 10) have a spacious lounge, complete with a LED high-resolution cinema-style TV, connected to Sky Television and a range of streaming services.  They also have access to a games room, with a pool table and table tennis tables, along with a dedicated Prep Room for study and access to computers.  Our seniors (Years 11 and 12) have their own similarly-equipped lounge, games room and relaxation area, with space within their rooms to complete their prep independently.

Grove House

Once they reach Year 13, senior Argyle House students have the opportunity to move into Grove House, on Peachgrove Road opposite the school.  Grove House is a collection of single rooms that allow the boys a degree of independence and to experience apartment-style living prior to moving on to tertiary study or employment.  They have kitchen and laundry facilities, along with communal lounge areas and are supervised by the Grove House Master, and two Assistant Masters.

Student Care

The daily life of every boarder is under the direct supervision of the Director of Boarding, Masters, Dean of Boarding, Assistant Masters and two Matrons (Senior Matron and Weekend Matron), all of whom reside on site in the Hostel, apart from the Weekend Matron who lives off site.  The Hostel Masters are all teachers at Hamilton Boys’ High School and represent a range of subject areas.

Our Matron’s take care of any medical needs which the boys have, and our specialist Catering Manager provides for all dietary needs.

All staff are dedicated to making Argyle House the home away from home for our boarders and prioritise the wellbeing and happiness of our boys.


Developing sound study habits is a core goal at Argyle House, and every evening during the week students have supervised homework or prep sessions.  Argyle House Masters are subject specialists and can provide academic support for all students at all levels.  Junior students complete their study under direct supervision in the Prep Room, and Year 11 students are supervised in the Dining Room, with access to computers and wifi.  Year 12 and 13 students work independently within the allocated prep time, developing the study habits needed for life beyond school. 

Team Building

Argyle House might be the smallest of the six Houses at Hamilton Boys’ High School, but we are one of the most successful, and much of that is due to our team spirit and sense of brotherhood.  We are very proud of how well we do in all of the various competitions throughout the year, and every Argyle boy contributes to that success in his own way.  We also have our own in-house House Competition for the Matthew Allen Memorial Cup.

School Sports & Activities

Argyle House boarders have access to all of the sporting opportunities and facilities available at Hamilton Boys’ High School.  We have our own mini-van which transports students to venues in the greater Hamilton area so they can attend tutorials, music lessons, and sports trainings and competitions.  Hamilton Boys’ High School is renowned throughout New Zealand and around the world for its sporting prowess and cultural performances, and Argyle House students are encouraged to participate in any of the 44 sporting codes and 35 arts, clubs and music activities on offer at the school.



For enquiries about boarding matters please contact:

Mr Murray McKenzie
Director of Boarding
Tel: 07 853 0440 Ext: 2492 / 021 516 477
Email: [email protected]

Mrs Katrina McLaughlin
Hostel Administrator 
Tel: (07) 853 0437
Email: [email protected]


If you would like copies of any of our current Hostel policies, please contact:

Mrs Kristin Rillstone

Board of Trustees Secretary
Tel: 07 853 0440 
Email: [email protected]