Learning Support

Individual abilities are assessed at the start of the journey through our school. The School’s Learning Support programme is run by a full time Director who supervises a team of teacher aides. This programme provides one-to-one or small group tuition for boys who need extra support.

Teacher aides work directly with the class teacher in the classroom. Our experience has shown that this approach significantly increases the attainment level of all boys in the class.

Remedial teaching options are provided on an individual basis to boys who require them. The school also provides boys with significant help to study for, and to sit examinations. Learning and implementing active study skills, and setting and reviewing academic goals assist students to lift their academic performance.


For enquiries about the Learning Support programme at the school please contact:

Mr Cyril Cloete
Director of Learning Support
Tel: (07) 853 0440 ext 2008
Email: [email protected]