HBHS CareerWise

The HBHS Careers Centre has just launched a new website where students can explore jobs, news, events and resources. 

The Careers Centre is a valuable school resource that assists students, through the expertise of our Careers Advisor, to prepare themselves fully for tertiary study or the workplace. Some of the services offered include:

Careers Counselling – personalised career counselling to help students identify their strengths and interests. Many students have no idea of which direction they want to take after high school – an appointment with the advisor can often be a great starting point.

Career Resources – there are countless resources available in the Careers Center: university and polytechnic prospectuses, course flyers and information on different careers.

Organised Events – career expos, university/polytechnic visits, work experience days, visits from many tertiary education providers and private companies.

Information for Parents – parents are an important partner with the Careers Center. Find out about services, programs, events, and resources to help your son succeed with his career plan.


For enquiries about the services offered by the Careers Centre please contact:

Mr Todd Miller
HOD Careers
Tel: (07) 853 0440 ext 2426
Email:[email protected]

Mrs Lynnette Ross
Careers: STAR Co-ordinator
Tel: (07) 853 0440 ext 2426
Email:[email protected]

Mrs Wendy Barry
Gateway Co-ordinator
Tel: (07) 853 0440 ext 2428
Email: [email protected]

Mrs Mandy Brooker
Careers/Gateway Administrator
Tel: (07) 853 0440 ext 2427
Email: [email protected]