Old Boys Alex Bulloch, John Steel, Maison Carstensen and Keenan McCleery who became friends in Year 9, have raised $8000 for the Movember Foundation. Their motivation is to bring awareness to suicide prevention as Alex unfortunately lost his father in 2017. Look out for them in the Red Bull Flugtag 2022. Rumors are their craft will look like a Mo and they will be wearing budgie smugglers with Mo’s on them!

Their message is, “we all know how difficult it can be to talk to your mates when you’re feeling low, it’s bloody uncomfortable. We’re trying to prove that getting out of the comfort zone isn’t such a bad thing. Be a great human being and check in on the special people in your life.”

A number of staff have grown Mo’s and joined “Mental Health Matters HBHS” team. I must admit it was an easy choice which photo to choose for the article. We have raised $500 for the Movember Foundation so the Old Boys have shown us up in all areas. Their Mo’s can be seen….

I completed my goal as a suicide survivour of rowing 270 km on a erg. I rowed 500m for each family that lost someone in 2021 to suicide. The physical pain was nothing compared to the mental pain I suffered in 2018. Our message as staff is “Mental Health Matters” and “Prostate and Testicular Cancer Awareness”. We grow Mo’s to start conversations. Have those difficult conversations with the special people in your lives face to face.

Movember has five days left so if you’re in a position to support a team please search these team names on Movember NZ:


Mental Health Matters HBHS 

He hono tāngata e kore e motu; kā pā he taura waka, e motu (Dr Hinemoa Elder)

Unlike a canoe rope, a human bond cannot be severed

Loving human connections cannot be broken

Kia Kaha Mr Cooley (TIC Movember)

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