The sportsmen on the North Shore were too good for us in the last week of term.

The results from the annual Westlake Boys’ High School exchange are in, and they do not make for the happiest of reading. Congratulations to Westlake on winning this exchange, and to our winning teams.

🏉 Rugby 1st XV: HBHS won 29-26

🏉 Rugby 2nd XV: HBHS won 67-0

🏉 Rugby Under 15A: HBHS won 25-0

⚽ Football 1st XI: Westlake won 3-2

⚽ Football Colts 10A: Westlake won 4-1

⚽ Football Colts 9A: Westlake won 3-0

🏑 Hockey 1st XI: Westlake won 5-0

🏑 Hockey 2nd XI: Westlake won 3-1

🏑 Hockey Development Under 15: HBHS won 5-2

🏀 Basketball Senior Premier: Westlake won 58-56

🏀 Basketball Junior Premier: HBHS won 81-54

⛳ Golf Top 8: Westlake won 7-1

🤽‍♂️ Water Polo Senior Premier: Westlake won 9-8

Overall: Westlake Boys’ High School won the exchange 8-5

By Wendy Moffitt

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